Club lighting hire oxford

There are so many great lights out there which all give great results.

It can actually be quite confusing to what will suit your event or install.

If you contact us with a rough budget and the type of atmostphere you are trying to create then we can certaintly help you out with advice and maybe a hire

There are 2 main reasons why you may be on this page;

1.You own a nightclub and are looking to lease lights

2.You are running an event where you want it to have a "nightclub feel"

Either way you have found the right page for information regarding what lighting equipment we can hire you,
obviously every hire is different so its always best to discuss your idea's with us.

Below is some basic information for you to read to get an idea of certain lights and their effects;

laser hire oxford

Lasers are great effects, they come in a variety of colours; green, red and blue and more recently to the lower end of the laser market "white" (RGB mixed together).
These lights produce tunnel and wave effects and are always a good center piece to any event.

Check first though; if your venue doesnt allow you to have a smoke machine, dont hire a lazer it wont look as good as it should do!

strobe hire oxford

Strobes come in all different shapes and sizes, from small mini strobes (25 watts) to large festival "Crowd blinder strobes" (3000 watts).
They all have a place in creating that "nightclub feel". we do recommend if you are thinking of having a strobe that you do get some other lights too.
Having just a strobe can become quite tiresome quite quickly, but it works very well if used with other lighting effects.
You can also get strobe systems like "arcline", this stuff is great, its tubes of strobe lights which can be linked together and timed. Looks great in roofs of buildings/Clubs/marquees and on the sides of runways at fashion shows
Caution: Strobe lighting can trigger people with epilepsy to have seizures.
If you are thinking of having strobe lighting please put notices up to inform people.

UV hire oxford

UV Lighting effects are simple, cheap and great. The effect makes anything white or neon glow vibrantly, its great for making things look vivd. The UV effect is often seen as a "rave" effect
UV comes in a couple of different shapes and forms;
The most popular of these forms is the 400 watt UV cannon, one of these per 80 people should be enough to get a good wash around a room
We also recommend using it alongside UV decorations or neon style clothes as this can change the atmostphere of you nightclub instantly

Moving heads;
moving head hire oxford

Moving heads are now one of the most used effects in nightclubs and festival stages.
They are normally quite robust.
They are espicially good for shows, bands and are very directional

Barrel heads;
Barrel mirror hire oxford

Lights using Barrel mirrors are great, they give a good amount of light to the whole venue but dont loose any sharpness or colour through the refractions
They are not very directional, but it means that you can do more with less.
The effects created by these are usually prefered in smaller clubs and venues upto 400 people.

disco twister light hire oxford

Twisters are the smaller brother to the barrel effect lights. Its a bit more directional and is great for longer rooms.
Disco twisters and smaller club twisters are good effects for people with a tight budget.
The effect is also rather "retro" now, just like disco screens were "retro" ten years ago!

scanner light hire oxford

Scanners are the units that were predated moving head technology.
They are still great effects and are exceptionally good when linked together via DMX
Scanners are definately a great addition to any nightclub effects lighting rig

LED hire oxford

LED technology has been around for a while now and it offers 16.7 million colours it can be manipulated so your whole venue changes colour in sync with the music or mood.
They can be used for DJ's, Bands and Dance floors.
We are big fans of LED lighting fixtures here as they offer vibrant colours at a much lower power consumption (Roughly 10:1).
We are watching the future of LED closely waiting to see what the egg heads invent next!