Disco hire oxford

Disco hire oxford

Full Disco Package prices and information

Disco Hire back in the 70's was an extremely general term.

It used to mean a highly skilled DJ would spend as much on their equipment as they did their car!

Not many DJ's are willing to take that risk anymore and splash out on some high quality equipment.
so if you are quoted less than 200 for a disco its always best to ask if;

The equipment is; high quality, reliable, Tested for electrical safety and suitable for the capacity of your event

The staff are; Insured for public liability (Even if the kit is left at the venue unattended!!!), neat and respectful to your wishes

You dont have to book our DJ's or equipment, just be careful with who you book! There are 2 main reasons why you may be on this page;

1.You are having an event where you need a DJ or a mobile disco

2.You are having an event where you will be DJing or letting the IPOD do the work(Dry hire)

Either way you have found the right page for information regarding Mobile disco hire and equipment hire in Oxford

please see below for some more information;

Mobile disco hire;
mobile disco hire oxford

Mobile disco's are still extremely popular, although more recently becoming less popular than the Ipod/Laptop parties.
they still have a major role in the industry, espicially for larger weddings (200+ people) and corporate events.
This is where the Ipod/Laptop definately wont cut it!

DIY Disco;
DIY Disco hire oxford

Gone are the Days where DJ's were out numbered 10'000 - 1

Now most people know atleast 3 DJ's

Vinyl turntables and CD Decks are outselling Guitars

Everyone now has easy access to unlimited music libraries! (Which in a few years will be fully mobile!!)

This means that you probably already have alot of friends who are willing to take on your event, but they might not have all the kit.

We can supply your event everything you require from a single microphone to a full Pa system hire plus all those little extra you might not get from a mobile disco company, like festoon lights, outdoor artchitechtural lighting and LED effects.

Also if on a budget you can collect from us, the only thing we do advise is that the person who is incharge of your music (espicially if it's not a playlist and needs to be manned) doesnt get too jolly!!

Ipod/Laptop Disco;

Ipod/Laptop DJ's have become extremely popular recently.

They are easy
Its music you want
They are cheaper
You dont have a stranger at your event
No more unwanted music!

Want to know how easy they are to pull off?

find music you like; Rip, buy etc
make playlist(s) (Slow, warmup, Party!, slow end ones)
Hire basic equipment
We can set it up or you can collect from us (Full demo given)
Press play

How succesful are they?

more than 1500 clients in the past 3 years cant be wrong can they?

Music sourcing and licenses;

There are plenty of options out their to source your music, you can dig through your CD collection to find all the tracks you need and put them straight onto your laptop or Ipod.
or you can download them from sites like Itunes etc.

Most venues have specific PPL and pay a fee every year to hold their own events as well as weddings etc.
you will normally be covered by their specific license