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Event effects hire Oxford. ACDisco

Amazing event effects to make your event unique.

Below we have listed event effects along with descriptions and uses.

Flambeaux hire Flambeaux are a great effect for entrances to buildings, marquees or guest parking. With the 2.5 metres high flame tower producing flames up to 2 metres above the basket, they are an amazing effect that dances at the entrance to your event.

Storm lantern hire In three different sizes, from 30 - 50cm, these are perfect for entrances, creating romantic pathways, wedding table centres and as low level lighting.

Low fog & dry ice hire Dramatic effects that have several uses, these can be used for theatres, productions and events. A popular use for this is to create a dramatic entrance, or for first dances.

Smoke machine hire We offer some great smoke machines. These are primarily used for productions rather than events, but if you want to see your lighting effects in full flow smoke machines would always be recommended.

Bubble machine hire Bubble machines add a great fun effect to parties and an artistic vibe to other events. Our machines create a high volume of bubbles that look great all night.

UV & strobe hire we offer a variety of strobe and UV effects to suit performances and events. From large 3000 watt atomic strobes down to LED and Arcline. For UV we have 400 watt cannons and LED equivalents for effects and UV parties.


Effects for "wows" and "ahhs"

Streamers, confetti and glitter cannons, these feature a bang followed by a cascading effect of either streamers, confetti or glitter coming down from the sky. This is a great effect that is commonly used in theatre, commercial events and for first dances at weddings. The idea behind them is that they produce a lot of material in a very quick time, which then falls slowly down – it creates a great effect for photos at weddings.

Theatrical flashes and stars feature a very quick sparkle effect and/or a mushroom cloud. They can come in a variety of colours and are best suited for theatre or product launches where you want to grab people’s attention.

Jets and Gerbs feature a longer duration sparkle effect of up to 12 seconds and heights of up to 12'. They can come in a variety of colours and are best suited for theatre, product launches and wedding first dances where you want to grab someones attention and keep it fixated for a duration of time

Coloured smoke created using pyrotechnics produce a slowly expanding plume of colour to enhance your event. It’s best suited for theatre and for a dramatic entrance for weddings and product launches.

Flame projectors created using pyrotechnics produce a quick flame effect that lasts for several seconds. The flame can be matched close to your desired colour and is perfect for theatre and product launches.

Whistle cartridges produce a very loud whistle when sparked and the sound can last up to seven seconds, best suited for theatre productions as a directional sound effect.

Flambeaux hire

Amazing fire entrance effect

Our flambeaux stand around eight feet tall and create an impressive atmosphere for people entering your event. They’re an unusual sight so will be a great talking point at your event.

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Flambeaux hire

Storm lantern hire

An old effect that has been modernised

Now one of the most popular effects for weddings where the bride and groom want a romantic and intimate feel to the entrance or surroundings of their wedding venue.

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Storm lantern hire

Low fog and dry ice

Perfect for any event.

Dry ice is an amazing effect that produces either CO2 or low-lying fog that can cover vast areas, creating a magical feel for productions or memorable first dances at weddings!

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Low fogger dry ice hire

Smoke machine hire

Plumes of smoke jetted out

A much more instant effect over the dry ice, but can create an amazing atmosphere as the particles in the smoke reflect the light and create beams all around the venue.

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Smoke machine hire

Bubble machine hire

Bubbles are not just for kids

Bubbles can make an interesting effect for dancefloors and productions, when paired with UV you can create glowing orbs, and with using strobe light they seem to dart around the venue.

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Bubble machine hire

Strobe and UV parties

UV and strobe lighting go hand-in-hand when it comes to having the right feel for a rave event. UV parties are especially popular due to the freaky effect UV light can have.

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uv strobe lighting


Either paper or metal are streamed onto an area to create a visual effect.

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Pyrotechnics streamers

Confetti cannons

Particle cannons that bang and propel either paper or glitter that then rain down slowly onto an area.

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Pyrotechnics confetti cannons

Jets and Gerbs

Sparkle effect of up to 12 seconds and heights of up to 12'. They can come in a variety of colours.

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Pyrotechnics jets and gerbs

Beautiful & personal

Create your dream event.

Using the latest audio, visual and lighting we can do anything from a simple fairylight canopy with uplighting all the way through to building projections, in any venue! (We also do discos!)

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Attention to detail

High-quality and reasonable prices

Your business or corporate event reflects on your company name, why not go to the company with the highest quality equipment, technicians and a service that is second to none?

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The perfect result

Tour-friendly equipment

Our commercial section covers a wide range of events from band tours, club nights and festivals through to charity events and any event where the public will be attending.

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DJ equipment hire

The latest technology.

Everything any DJ could require, all at great prices.

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Dj equipment hire

Band PA hire

Amazing sound

Great packages to suit all bands, featuring D&B audiotechnik and Turbosound speakers paired with Midas and Yamaha desks.

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band pa hire

Theatre hire

LED or incandescent

We have everything needed in stock for a succesful theatre show, large or small.

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theatre lighting hire

Recent clients

All of these clients have used us for our expertise to make sure that their conferences, presentations and events have been perfect.

We supplied PA hire, AV hire and/or lighting for each client and every event was perfect.

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Museum late night event

With 3000-4000 people due to visit the venue over a three hour period, we were tasked with designing and supplying over a dozen audio, visual and lighting solutions for a number of different areas.

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case study

Effects hire tips

You need to be aware of whether your venue will allow you to use pyrotechnics as it is a fire risk.

Most venues and marquee suppliers will make sure that their carpets and curtains are protected with flame check.

For strobe lighting at events, please inform your guests in advance.

For UV events, do not wear white underwear - it leaves little to the imagination!

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