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Waterproof exterior lighting hire

Amazing awe-inspiring effects that illuminates buildings and lights up trees.

Exterior lighting that's done correctly will have a dramatic effect on how your venue and its surroundings look. We use a variety of exterior lighting products to make sure that we supply the correct units to give your venue the perfect look - we don't just supply one type. We believe there is a science behind designing the best outdoor lighting scheme to leave your guests with an unforgettable entrance or exit.

Lighting the exterior of a venue doesn't have to stop with just a colour wash. We can supply festoon, fairy lights, moving lights, sky searchers, large-scale projections and breakup lighting.

We are experts in working within a venue's remit of what is allowed and constantly work in spaces where environmental, public safety and security must be considered within the design and construction of the finished product.

Outdoor lighting hire is perfect for lighting buildings, trees and other interesting features and can either be used to create a visual masterpiece as you enter a venue or as a backdrop through your venue's windows that slowly begins to glow as it gets dark.

We have many different tools at our disposal to make sure that the lighting is perfect no matter the venue, and we are constantly using halides and battery powered LED lights to exaggerate a building's look and feel

If you are looking to hire outdoor lights for your event in Oxford, Bucks or Berkshire, come to us and we will work with you to create a perfect event.

Lighting up stately homes

Lighting up stately homes can really transform how the look, lighting up a building like this can have amazing effects. Our outside halides start from £12.50 inc VAT

Lighting up stately homes

Outside light for venues

Creating an awe inspiring entrance for your guests can be easily achieved. The equipment to light the outside of this venue is just £80.00 inc VAT

Outside light for venue

Lighting up trees

Lighting up trees can creat an amazing backdrop or entrance way for guests, and it needn't be expensive, Trees cost around £20.00 each inc VAT to light

Lighting up trees

Flambeaux hire

Amazing fire entrance effect

Our flambeaux stand around eight feet tall and create an impressive atmosphere for people entering your event. They’re an unusual sight so will be a great talking point at your event.

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Flambeaux hire

Fairy lighting hire

If you are having a personal event fairy lights can be a welcome addition by themselves or part of a larger lighting design. We can decorate items outside of your venue as well as providing canopies for ceilings

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fairy lighting hire

Storm lantern hire

An old effect that has been modernised

Now one of the most popular effects for weddings where the bride and groom want a romantic and intimate feel to the entrance or surroundings of their wedding venue.

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Storm lantern hire

Outside projections

Projecting outside can create an amazing effect that your clients and guests will love. Simple effects include playing videos or slideshows to personalise an event. Complex projections include video mapping of your venue to make it come alive!

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Outside projections

Festoon hire

Festoon lighting is golf ball sized lamps that can be used as functional or decorative site lighting. If you are having an event in a barn, sometimes these are preferred over fairy lights

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festoon lighting

Battery LED uplighter

Battery powered LED uplighter hire is great, they are IP rated so they can go outside, and because they don't require mains power it means that lighting a venue is quick, easy and has less logistical issues than the powered ones.

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Battery LED uplighter

Beautiful & personal

Create your dream event.

Using the latest Audio, Visual and lighting we can do anything from a simple fairylight canopy with uplighting all the way through to building projections, in any venue! (We also do disco's!)

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Attention to detail

High quality & reasonable prices

Your business or corporate event reflects on your company name, why not go to the company with the highest quality equipment, technicians and a service that is second to none

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The perfect result

Tour friendly equipment

Our commercial section covers a wide range of events from band tours, club nights and festivals through to charity events and any event where the public will be attending

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DJ Equipment hire

The latest technology

Everything any DJ could require, all at great prices

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Dj equipment hire

Band PA hire

Amazing sound

Great packages to suit all bands, featuring D&B audiotechnik and Turbosound speakers paired with Midas and Yamaha desks

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band pa hire

Theatre hire

LED or incandecent

We have everything needed in stock for a succesful theatre show, large or small.

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theatre lighting hire

Recent clients

All of these clients have used us for our expertise to make sure that their conferences, presentations and events have been perfect.

We supplied PA hire, AV hire and/or lighting for each client and every event was perfect.

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Museum late night event

With over 3-4000 people due to be in attendance within a 3 hour period we were tasked to design and supply over a dozen lighting, Audio and visual solutions for an event that had over several different area's.

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case study

Outdoor lighting hire

To be able to quote on your outdoor lighting hire we will need:

An image of what you want lit.

The style of what you want to create.

The contact details of your event manager.

From the above we will be able to work with you to create a perfect bespoke exterior lighting hire.

Contact details

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