ACDisco Lighting and PA Hire oxford. The beginning.

The launch of AC owes it's existence to the hobby of two 13 year olds back in 1994.
Chris Sumner and Andrew Justice began collecting PA system, disco lighting and turntables from boot sales to take apart and see how they worked.

This led them to building equipment from old components and they began to lend their services to youth clubs, charities, families and friends.
Being young and following the crowd, Chris went on to work for a busy company as a sound and light engineer. Andrew went off to become an electritian

When the timing was right Chris decided to leave full time work and concentrate on setting up AC Disco lighting and pa hire oxford, now joined by James Walton who was involved with the youth workshops.

Some of the original equipment still exsists in our workshop but has now been superceeded by high quality lighting and pa equipment.

This way we can gurantee minimum chance of failure at your important event.

This is not just a hire business it's in our blood!