Lighting hire oxford

lighting hire oxford

There are so many great lights out there which all give great results. it can be quite overwhelming.

We always advise contacting us to discuss what you want to acheive and how we can get you to that goal

It can actually be quite confusing to what will suit your event

Mood lighting hire oxford

If you contact us with a rough budget and the type of atmostphere you are trying to create then we can certaintly help you out with advice and maybe a hire or two

We have listed some of the main lighting effects that people regularly use from us;

wedding lighting hire oxford

Disco and club lighting

disco and club lighting hire oxford

Normally used to bring the crowd onto the dancefloor and get them into the party or clubbing spirit.

Lots of different models available

Ambient & Uplighting

uplighting hire oxford

Ambient lighting goes a long way for making even the most tired venues sofisticated.

Highly recommended for most venues as it can turn a standard boring room into a vivid world.

Prices from 4.00 per uplighter

Outdoor lighting

outdoor lighting hire oxford

If you have trees or buildines near and around your venue, uplighting them with outdoor coloured floods can really change the overall feel your venue has.

if you uplight trees surrounding your venue it can make you feel inclosed in your own little world.

Highly recommended!

Band lighting

Band lighting hire oxford

You couldnt have it much better being in a band in this millenium

The lights are normally LED so dont produce any heat! We can quote for full band lighting and room lighting.

Contact us for a no obligation quote!

Festoon, string and Pea lights

Festoon lights are great if hung from roofs, sweeping down into a central collumn. All of our festoons are 16amp, Dimmable, waterproof(splash) and linkable for long runs

They can be used on paths or any other imaginative ideas you may have!

Security, site and emergency lighting

site lighting hire oxford

Site lighting is very important as it allows people attending your event to be able to see where they are going

Its also very important that you light your event so that injuries can be avoided!

Emergency lights are lights that turn on if theres a power cut.

A legal standard for venues and public marquee events

Fairy lights and venue dressing

Fairy light hire oxford

Fairy lights are a great effect, we can supply you with either warm white or Cool white Pro industry fairy lights.
They are pretty much indestructable and are completely different fairy lights when compared to the ones you can buy from garden centers.

Whether you want to create a central fairy light structure, or to hang them from beams/marquees or just wrap them around pillars.

Contact us with the idea's you have for the fairy lights and we will tell you if its possible and give you a no obligation quote

Table and pinspot lighting

table and pinspot hire oxford

Pinspots aimed at tables for decorative reasons works well as it draws the people attending your event to a center peice.

i.e for weddings you would find that it would generally be flowers!