Mackie Active speaker hire

Our mackie active pa hire stock has now been replaced with new turbosound milan M15's

There are 3 main reasons why you will have found this page;

1. You are looking for a active pa system for your event
2. You are looking for a mackie pa system
3. You are looking to compare the mackie active speakers to the milans.
Either way none of that is any problam at all.

We have just sold all of our mackie stock and replaced it with turbosound milans! Why?

They are louder, better looking and superior sounding!

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1. You are looking to hire an active pa for your event

Active PA systems so far have yet to be reliable, we have seen Active speakers from brands other than turbosound fail week on week at venues and at people events and we have regularly had to be called by someone elses client to bail them out of their failing event! Turbosound has just launced the new milan series Active speaker and it is exceptional! There have been no failures in the whole of the world (Touch wood) as yet and people are raving about them!

2. You are looking for a mackie pa system

Unfortunately we no longer stock any mackie equipment anymore, we have a basic rule, if something fails it gets repaired and sold, This way our clients are guaranteed a high quality service with exceptional quality and "proven" equipment. All of our mackie SRM450's have been replaced by the new turbosound milan M15 (Thjey cost alot more to buy but reliability is worhtits weight in gold!)

3.Comparing the Turbosound Milan M15 Active pa Speaker to the Mackie SRM 450 active pa speaker

Turbosound Milan
SPL: 131dB peak

Mackie SRM 450
NET WEIGHT: 23.2kg
SPL: 127dB peak

So what does it all mean?

on paper the Milans produce more volume (SPL), they are lighter 1kg per unit and have a broader frequency spread which allows it to reproduce music "musically" supirior to the mackies

In real life, the milans sound exceptionally clear with minimal distortion, infact they sound really good and are in our eyes a better unit all round in comparison to all other active speakers at this level
ok they dont sound as good as our turbosound aspect tops but these units are six thousand pounds "eachy" to buy!