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Microphone hire in Oxford

Wired mic hire from Shure and wireless radio mic hire from Sennheiser.

We are suppliers of high-quality audio equipment and have a wide selection of mics available for use on your events. Below we have listed a few popular choices along with the relevant price (inc. VAT).

Band use:
Shure SM58 inc. 10m XLR £7
Shure SM57 inc. 10m XLR £7
Shure Beta58 inc. 10m XLR £8
Shure Beta57 inc. 10m XLR £8
Shure drum mic set inc. 6 x 10m XLRs £15
Beringher stereo DI inc. 2 x 3m XLR £3
BSS AR133 DI inc. 3m XLR £6

Speech use:
AKG 747Vii in 1 x 10m XLR £12.50
Sennheiser G3 Radio handheld mic 335/345/365/395 £35
Sennheiser G3 wireless lapel mic £35

Theatre use:
Crown PCC 160 boundary mic inc. 10m XLR £12.50
Sennheiser G3 wireless headset mic £35

Mic stand hire in Oxford is £3

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Microphone hire in Oxford, Bucks and Berkshire.

We have a lot of different types of microphones available for hire and we have listed a few popular ones below.

Mics available; Shure SM58, SM57, Beta 58, Beta 57 and drum mics. AKG 747 v11 lectern mics, condensers and drum mics. Sennheisser 335, 345, 365, lapel and headsets along with AR133 DI boxes.

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Mic hire

Presentation PA hire

Accurate audio precise presentations

Presentations are important, itís about getting your message across in a clear, understanding way. Our equipment is accurate and high-quality for audio reproduction.

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presentation pa hire

Event PA hire

Festivals, music events and nightclubs

With d&b audiotechnik and Turbosound as our main high-quality PA systems, you are guaranteed a rider-friendly, high-quality sound system for your event.

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Event PA hire

Conference PA hire

Unbeatable service with great rates

The audio equipment along with mics, mixers and outboard are some of the best in the world. For important conferences you should be looking for the best.

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conference pa hire

Band PA hire

Need a higher level of sound?

All of our band PA systems feature the best in audio quality whether you require FOH or monitoring. We also offer all packages with or without engineers.

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Band Pa hire

Monitor hire

Pro-audio high-quality monitoring

We offer a range of monitors from turbosound and d&b audiotechnik that are some of the best monitors on the planet at the moment.

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Monitor hire

Public address hire

Horns capable of producing audible sound over large areas

All of our 100v speakers are extremely good quality and cover vast distances. Public address systems are best suited for outdoor commentary.

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Public address hire

d&b audiotechnik

High-quality audio

d&b produce arguably the best speakers in the world for events. We use these speakers for conferences, bands, weddings and festivals.

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db audio


Hearing damage

Listening to music at high volumes can be bad for your health, listening to distorted music at high volumes is much worse.

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Amazing speaker systems

Turbosound offer extremely well-designed speakers that are ideal for PA hire, from nightclubs to birthdays. High impact sound for any event.

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Mic hire in Oxford

With so many different mics available to hire it can be confusing unless you know exactly what you are after. We have a great selection of mics in stock and are ready to help you with your enquiry.

Please let us know a few details about your event so we can work with you to make sure you have the perfect mics to suit your needs.

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