PA hire Oxford

PA and sound reinforcement for speeches, conferences and musical events can be quite confusing

But we are here to talk you through your quote, whether it be a simple sound system for your childs birthday, a full conference setup or a good high quality PA for music (Weddings and festivals alike)

We only offer the highest quality Turbosound PA hire systems.

Why would you choose to hire a PA system from us?

We are audiophiles, our office is a high end recording studio featuring uptodate software and hardware.

Making sure the Reproduction of sound through PA systems is correct is our passion and it can be done with us at extremely competive rates

(We can normally guarantee to beat a like for like quote)

There are six main reasons why you may be on this page;

1. You are looking for a PA system to hire for Speeches

2. You are looking for a wireless PA system for a conference

3. You are looking for a PA system to hire for music playback

4. You are Looking for a Turbosound product

5. You are looking for a high end Touring PA system for club or festival use

6. You are looking for band PA system

Either way we hope some of the info below will help you decide on what you need

Speech PA System hire
Speech PA system

Speech PA Systems vary depending on the crowd size you are expecting.

Most weddings will require just a small PA system as the guests never normally exceed 150 for speeches, if they do then you can just increase the overall size

Product launches and corporate events follow the same rules as weddings, the main difference we find between the two is that Business events prefer to be wireless.

Normally stand Handheld UHF Senheisser mics and some Lapel mics for the main speakers too.

All of our speech systems are high quality and reproduce sonic clarity at high volume if required.(Some speech systems can also be used for musical playback also)

Conference pa system hire
Conference PA systems, like speech PA systems vary in size depending on the amount of delegates you are expecting.

We can supply you with all your required Wireless microphones, Delayed PA systems, projectors, decorative lighting and engineers for extremely competitive prices.

Please contact us for a competitive quote

Music pa system hire
Music PA system

If you are looking for a musical playback system, then you have come to the right place. Our PA systems are extremely respected in the Touring and Pro audio market, although we offer then at the same price as the Disco market!

You may be using DJ equipment or and Ipod for your event either way you can expect Sonic excelence from our PA Systems. Just tell us;

How many people are attending

What you want to plug in

Type of music to be played

Indoors or outdoors

We will then give you a highly competitive quote!

Turbosound PA hire
Turbosound PA hire

If you havent heard of Turbosound, Funktion one or Martin audio.

Then you probably havent been to many great concerts!

These manufacturers have some of the best sounding equipment in the Point source market today!

In house we stock, The Turbosound TXD series for hire and the high end Turbosound Aspect wide for hire.

Contact us for a no obligation quote!

Band PA hire
Band PA hire

Our band PA systems come in a variety of flavours

They are all dependant on your needs and budgets

We can offer you just simple microphone hire or a full rig with foldback and sound engineers.

Our sound engineers are all very well respected in and around oxford and the kit we use is respected around the world!!

If you do want a band PA system quote from us we will need the below information;


Amount of vocal mics required:
Amount of instrument mics required:
Amount of DI's Required:
is there a Drummer?
Room capacity:

From that we will then ask a few more questions to make sure we get the quote and spec spot on!!