The hollywood effect. Sky tracker flower and search light hire

New for 2011

Give your event the edge as an oscars party, red carpert or film premier.

or simply show people the way to your festival or night club.

The pearl river headlight 2500 is an amazing light with an extremely efficent light to power output. Once up to full power it can be seen almost 10km away.

This lighting effect will give you Hollywood attention to your event this sky tracker style light is a great promotional tool and will advertise your event or just generally give it the "wow" factor!

The pearl river headlight 2500 space flower searchlight. Producing 32 rotative beams (beam colours can be changed, but light output will be decreased by atleast 20%)

the light will glide across the clouds in a spinning and twisting motion that will be guaranteed to make all your guests pay attention to the heavens.

Thesee lights can be seen 10km away in perfect conditions, even in poor conditions the light will still work as a great tool to either promote or wow your clientele or guests.

There are many ways these lights can be used if you dont want to shine them into the sky, the moving head and twist effect looks amazing if its directed at trees and buildines for a decorative effect.

If the weather is bad, the searchlight reflects off the rain or mist in the air.

The searchlight is IP33 Rates and is completely weatherproof.

This light as standard comes with a 32 amp input, but can run off of standard 13amp home pocwer sockets without any problem at all.

The pearl river headlight 2500 is 150.00 per day plus delivery/Collection.

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