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Out of the 29'784 days (give or take!) that we are alive, there are few days that are emotionally more important to us than our wedding day!

Which is why at ACDisco we listen to you as a person with a vision with a strict plan of how you want it executed! we are here to tell you if its possible and whether it will look or sound good, with as little technical jargon as possible (Thats our problem, not yours)!

Unlike some of the other business' involved in this indusrty there are no premium prices for it being a wedding, New years eve or even christmas day our equipment prices stay exactly the same! We are here for you no matter your budget.

flambeaux hire in oxford

We know you might be nervous about handing over payment to any company for your wedding, so to put your mind at ease we can tell you we have succesfully been a technical partner in over 2200 weddings in 6 years in and around oxford. With an amazing 100% satisfaction rate!

(We are also used time and time again by wedding professionals due to our faultless service record and our high quality equipment)

We use only the Best in Professional touring audio and lighting equipment to give you a faultless professional service that is second to none!

our images are limited as we rarely stay at oxford events, we'd just get under your feet!

You will only experience this day once, make sure its as perfect as you can make it

There are nine reasons why you may have found this page;

1. You are looking for a disco pacakge with DJ for your wedding day/night

2. You want to decorate the walls or the outside of your building with effect or ambient lighting

3. You want to have a sound system for your own music (ipod, Mp3, Laptop. etc)

4. you want a sound system for speeches or vows

5. you want lighting for your dance floor

6. you want your names projected onto walls

7. You want a projector for images of your past

8. you require equipment for a band/artist or DJ

9. you just want to speak to someone about your idea's

Either way we hope the below information helps you decide what you require for your event, if not contact us in oxford to discuss your needs

You are looking for a Disco and DJ package for oxford, Bucks or berkshire

Our disco packages are unlike anyone elses the more you spend the more you get, this includes bringing the whole room into the disco by use of LED Lighting effects

Click here to see a list of packages

You want to decorate your venue with ambient or effect lighting

Any colour, any effect! We can do 16.7million colours seemlessly and easily for your event and prices start at just 4.00 for a single item!

These additions seem to be one of the main items people are adding to their weddings to exaggerate or improve the look of their venue;

Whether your wedding venue is a marquee, a stately home or a barn you will find that uplighting and ambient effects are a great addition to bring your venue fully into your wedding!
Uplighting also looks great on individual items like large pot plants or anything slightly abstract within the venue

You want to have a sound system for your own music

You dont want to fork out on a DJ because you just want your own music played!

The DIY wedding disco's have been growing in trend for quite a while now and with good reason; they are cheaper, you and your guests have full control over the music and you dont have a stranger in charge of your evening!

Prices FOR DIY Disco PA systems start from 40.00.

you want a sound system for speeches or vows

There are a couple of reasons why you might need to amplify your vows or speeches; You want to be heard or you want people to sit up and listen

its amazing how many people will situp and pay attention more when the speech comes through a PA system. it can be done extremely cheaply too.
Prices start at 50.00 for a basic wired system of 65.00 for a wireless one. Alternatively you can just add microphones and stands to an exsisting sound system you might have at your venue!

Alot of our clients also use this PA system for background music for the wedding breakfast, which costs no extra money!! just tell us you want it for background music too and we will chuck the bits in for free!!

you want lighting for your dance floor

Not every wedding wants lighting for their dancefloor, but it is most definately something which we highly recommend!
When your guests see the lights moving on the dancefloor in time with the music it exagerates two senses making them more eager to get up and dance!
It also helps everyone have a better experience as it gives a small nightclub feel, but without any of the undesirables you might get at a nightclub!!

You want your names projected onto the walls at your venue

New for 2010, get the names of you and your partner projected onto the walls for all to see
This can be projected anywhere in the building; behind the DJ or behinnd the head table are normally popular choices
prices for this at the time of print including bespoke artwork is 100.00 for the first projection and 30.00 for each one after

You want a projector for images of your past

wedding projector hire

This costs roughly the same price as getting your photos printed out and getting the backing boards, it has certain advantages and disadvantages over the original way of displaying your pictures;

Advantages; Cheap, unlimited pictures, Large pictures, can be used as presentation in speeches, can show videos.

Disadvantages: Require a table and stand for mounting, takes up around 1/3 more space than traditional methods

you require equipment for a band/artist or DJ

if you are unsure of what you need this can be a minefield, its always best if we can speak to and quote the artist as this way there will be no mistakes!
Some artists have equipment ryders, we will always need to see a copy of this via email or post!!

We just dont want any mistakes on your big day through miscommunication

Our preffered way of dealing with this is with you directly and asking you to pass the quote along to the artist to see if the spec is ok
once it is and you are happy with the price we can get it booked in for you

you just want to speak to someone about your idea's

We wont bite and advice is free, even if you dont go with us for your event. we are firm believers in Karma, so will gladly help anyone with any technical or decorative idea's!

We have even helped a groom out when his own sound equipment brokedown, we managed to talk him through how to fix it over the phone (on his wedding day!) :)

Either way we hope some of the info on this page will help you decide on what you need

Please contact us in oxford if you want to discuss a quote, would like more information or require free advice