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vine gobo breakout lighting for a wedding breakfast

(Vine Breakout gobo's supplied to a wedding breakfast)

It seems recently more emphasise is being placed on not just how the bride looks but the wedding as a whole.

Up lighting, effect and dynamic room lighting can most definitely give your wedding the edge and the effect is a lot cheaper to create than most people think.

individual up lighters from us start at just 4.00 including cables. which is classed as very cheap, we have seen companies charging upwards of 30.00 for exactly the same units!

But we believe our rate to be "fair" You can even collect them from us to save even more of your wedding budget

wedding lighting

If you decide that you want to give your wedding the wow factor there's a few things that previous brides would recommend that you get from us, we have listed them and explained them below;

LED uplighting
LED lighting

LED uplighting is an extremely popular wedding lighting effect. Its extremely efficient producing a lot of illumination for little power, this means we can run more from standard power supplies in venues or in your wedding marquees. each LED unit is capable of producing 16.7 million colours when used with a DMX desk, although the standard colours the units come preprogrammed with are pretty complimentary for most wedding colour schemes we have encountered in the last 6 years. Please surprise us we are always interested in a challenge and new idea's!

Our LED's come in 3 styles at the moment;

Par 64/56 cases

These produce slim coloured columns which look great going up pillars, we recommend having at least 1 every 3 meters to get the most out of your room without sacrificing to much of your wedding budget

1.1m Batten

These produce larger and brighter columns roughly equivalent to 4 Par 56/64 LED units, these look great when spaced in-between Pars roughly 3 meters away from the nearest unit

Flood Panel

These Produce a wider flood, great for corners roughly the same output as the par 64/56 but less directional

Contact us for free advice and if you like what you hear;
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Breakout lighting
breakout gobo lighting

Breakout lighting is an amazing effect that works for most weddings, it can be set to any colour and there are so many gobo's out there you shouldn't run out of choices!

What are gobo's?

Gobo's are sheet metal with patterns pressed out of them (You can even get your new name pressed and have it projected onto the walls and floor of your wedding venue!!)

Why are they so good?

They break the light up around the room based on your colour scheme and specific gobo. we recommend projecting them onto ceilings, walls and groups of wedding breakfast tables

Popular breakout gobo's include; stars, snowflakes and vines

Fairy lighting
fairy lights

Fairy lights are brilliant, you can use them inside and outside and the effect is extremely nice, good for creating false ceilings, added texture to pillars or walkways

Wash lighting
flood lighting

Wash lighting is used to flood the whole room with colour. This is really good if used in combination with the other lighting effects explained above

Outside lighting
tree uplighting
Any colour, anywhere!

You can light anything you want with high power discharge lamps, used to uplight buildings, structures and trees outside

Also used to uplight larger indoor arena's like sports centres and conference suites.. If you have something beautiful or interesting to look at, this is a must to make sure people enjoy your wedding venue as fully as possible especially when dark!

Standard uplighting
themed lighting

Standard Up lighters come in a few different flavours from us. We tend to use colour gels and dimmer racks to get the best out of these lights.

The main disadvantage with them is they can get hot, but their spread it better and they are brighter. They all have different uses.
We recommend you discuss your idea's with us to make sure you are getting the best value/effect for your wedding venue

Please note we do go nationwide!

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